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Witch Hunt Artifact

If you or your family has a connection to the Witch Trials, you will feel drawn to this object.

Hello potential buyers, here you can buy part of European history.

However, this artifact is not closely related to the national cultural heritage of the Czech Republic or Romania.

This artifact is very closely related to magick and magical ceremonies that have been and are practiced since mature age, until present.

17th Century Witch Trials Artifact. #witch #witchtrials #test #wiccanartifact
A large magical circle that evokes demons!

Call it a curse for unjustified allegations. For displayed women.

It has already been created with this intent!

This magical artifact, according to an expert, was later divided into four parts.

It is very likely four family survivors.

On the front of this occult artifact is a relief carving. Shown is the water test.

For women accused of witchcraft, heresy, by the Catholic Church/Inquisition.

This test has always ended by killing accused women and girls.

For women accused of witchcraft deciding the guilt/innocence of their souls.

17th Century Witch Trials Artifact. #witch #witchtrials #test #wiccanartifact
Shown test, women accused of witchcraft.

Within this 17th Century Witch Hunt Artifact, you can see suffering and very dark energy.

But observed by purely scientific people who do not believe in the spell.

They felt the energy in the room where this artifact is stored!

And I want to emphasize and warn that it should only be in experienced hands.

Because there is a lot of danger!

So in the absence of knowledge of the practice of magic, tread lightly.