We Make Celebration of Life Videos for Animals and People

A memorial celebration of life video can be a special and unique way to remember a loved one.

Realizing your loved one is no longer with you can be Earth Shattering.

You might even fear that your memory of them will grow fuzzy and fade away.

One of the best ways to get keep your memories alive is to create a Celebration of Life Remembrance Video.

Sometimes we have photos or short video or audio clips of our loved ones, and as you know this can bring back waves of emotion.

That’s why when we professionally assembly your photos and videos into one watchable cinematic experience, coupled with the right music, it can be almost like having them visit every time you play it.

Before I started doing this full time, I was a Veterinary Technician for 15 yrs. I saw first hand, that people consider their animals, members of the family. That’s why we don’t just offer our services to Human Grievers, but those that miss their Animals also.

celebration of life video
celebration of life video

Here are some things you can prepare for us, so we can make your video something to cherish. If you need help, fill out the form at the bottom as best as you can, and we’ll contact you right away.


If you are like everybody else these days, you have many many photos of your loved one. We need you to pick the ones that mean the most to you. Special occasions, special looks. Get ready to cry as you go through them. It helps if you are doing it on your computer or phone, to make a special file, and slide the photos you pick into it. Don't forget to name it.


If you have any special stories or memories you would like to include in the video, we can add them as either text or audio. You can use the voice recorder on your phone to record yourself telling the story. Or we can narrate it for you.


You may want to add dates, times, ages, places, names of other pets or people in your video. If you do, add it as a caption. When you look back on your memorial video it will be easier to remember when the occasion took place. Sometimes it helps to laugh, if you something funny they were thinking in a photo we can caption that.

Poems and Quotes

Death is never easy but sometimes poems or quotes we can relate too can help us deal with loss and grief. Here is a large list of memorial verses. If you find one you like, we can add it to the video.


Nothing sets a mood like music, we can help you find just the right piece to respectfully remember your dearly departed.

Cover Photo

This is the photo we will put at the beginning of the video. If you decide to share it on social media this photo will be seen before the video is played. Also if you decide to get a dvd sent to you, this is the photo we will burn on the DVD (remember there is a hole in the middle) and as the dvd cover.


I think videos are the best way to bring back the emotions of the time. Go through the video footage that you want us to use and slide it into a file like you did for the pictures, and label it.

Please fill out the form below so we can get started on a quote for you.


We Make Celebration of Life Videos for Animals and People
We will contact you to work out the details as soon as we receive your information.
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