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Secrets of the west coast masters

The Secrets of the West Coast Masters
Secrets of the west coast masters teaches revolutionary new techniques of manipulating and training the cannabis plant to produce previously unfathomable yields and quality. This marijuana growing book above all enables medical growers to stay within their legal limits. As a result working with fewer plants allows the grower to focus more time on each individual plant. This is the best way to learn the characteristics and tendencies of your chosen strain. Consequently mastering it and achieving the best possible results.

The West Coast Masters method can help you yield more with 2 plants than you normally would with 10. These secrets have been developed in recent years in cities across the West Coast of the United States. It’s a true grassroots movement that has been developed, used, and refined in basements, garages, bedrooms, and attics throughout the mountains and valleys. This book can and should be used anywhere in the world where growing medical marijuana is legal. West Coast Masters are dedicated to helping those suffering from cancer, chronic pain, and other debilitating diseases, for whom marijuana is the only medicine that makes their life more comfortable. We hope the growing techniques outlined in this book ensure that they will always have access to enough low-cost medicine for their needs.

When I purchased my copy of this book, it was about 12 years ago. I believe I paid around $89 for it. It was the best money I ever spent. Now, of course, this book is no longer in publication and has become more expensive. In fact, there weren’t many copies sold at all. When it was released, advertising this sort of thing was completely prohibited and taboo! Only certain circles had even heard about it. Interestingly, there is no reference in the title to the actual subject matter. Of course, now in Canada, we can all legally grow 4 plants even without a medical license. And, of course, many other places in the world now allow the growing of cannabis plants for recreation and medicine.