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Portable Rosin Press for Solventless Extraction

Rosin Press - Portable - Solventless Extraction

The Ju1ceBox is the first handheld rosin press with real results!  Engineered to ensure the perfect combination of heat/time and pressure/surface area for personal use. Its compact size makes it not only portable, but also a fraction of the cost compared to similar products on the market. With no need for dangerous gases or large hydraulic components, anyone can safely access solvent-less extracts. Our simple instructions will help you make rosin in just minutes!


  • 110volt – Ju1ceBox – 1″ x 1.5″ plates (ideal for .5-1g)
  • Stainless Steel Pre-Press
  • 30 Tickets (parchment paper cut to size)
  • Silicone Container & Sticker
  • Double Sided 6″ Collection Tool 
  • Custom Foam Insert & Travel Bag

These models only do a small amount at a time, I don’t know about you but I can rarely afford to use one of the bigger models. ?