How to Easily Improve Your Memory and Concentration!

How to easily improve your memory and concentration

Many experts agree, and studies have shown that the brain and it’s weight decreases as a person ages. Starting at around age 40 there is about a 5 percent decline in brain size and function per decade, maybe increasing with age. It’s no joke and is scary and embarrassing as hell when you start forgetting your kids names.  But don’t worry there are ways to easily improve your memory and concentration!

It seems that there is more to remember all the time, passwords, pin numbers, email addresses, not to mention keeping up with technology. When you feel yourself start to slip mentally, at work or at home, you feel out of control and afraid. Fortunately there are steps that we can take to help control our mental fitness!

You can restore memory loss and improve cognitive ability, hearing issues and “Brain Power” with these easy steps.

5 Things you can do to Improve and Restore Brain Power :

1. Drink lots of water. Sounds easy but most of us are walking around dehydrated as we speak. Your brain, like the rest of your body is made up mostly of water.

2. Cut down on or eliminate completely, caffeine, alcohol, sugar and any other drugs that aren’t necessary. You might want to have a look at your prescription medications since several of them have memory loss mimicking Alzheimer’s as a side effects. eg. statin drugs.

3. Read out loud or have a conversation with someone about something new, don’t forget about all the lonely people out there who have no one to talk to at all.

4. Pick up a new skill or learn to play an instrument. There are many that believe our cognitive decline is slowed by challenging the brain regularly.

5. Watch this special video: Click to Watch

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