$179.95 Hot Box Herbal Vaporizer

Hot Box Herbal Vaporizer

Hot Box Herbal Vaporizer – Blue Flame

Hand made in Orange County, California, this new revolutionary multi-purpose ceramic tile Hot Box Vaporizer is a simple, effective, and healthier alternative to conventional extraction methods. The Hot Box Hands Free Vaporizer is the best-selling aromatherapy diffuser in its class, hands down! Featuring a revolutionary 2-PC wand (easy access for cleaning and screen replacement) , hand finished ceramic tile construction, and a newly engineered heating source, the Hot Box Hands Free Vaporizer is now more efficient and effective than ever!

Simply plug the unit into any 110v outlet and allow your Hot Box Vaporizer to heat-up for approximately 5-10 minutes. When the vaporizer has reached its optimal temperature, gently place your favorite herbal aromatherapy blend into the filling chamber of the Pyrex-grade glass aromatherapy wand, carefully slide the wand horizontally onto the heating element, and remove your hand accordingly. Within seconds the contents will begin to vaporize!

Hot Box Herbal Vaporizer

For flavor and ease of use, the hot box can’t be beat. I use mine with hash, and it is unbelievably tasty and effective. The only problem with them is that they go out of stock all the time, so you better Order Now!

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