Audio Recording and Video Production for Bands

At Gone Rogue Records our audio department specializes in :

  1.  Rearrangement (production) of already recorded tracks that need attention and just need to POP!
  2.  Artists with great songs, but no idea where to go from there and a so so idea of arrangement.
  3.  Movie scores, and original commercial jingles, we shine at original music production.
  4.  Voice overs so great that they can’t be beat. Because we have a deep male voice, and a velvety female voice, and also children’s voices.

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So Here are a few examples of our video work.

The videos below are local bar bands and so have  limited budgets. Because these videos have been used so very successful at getting these bands gigs, they are happy and they will be using our budget video creation again!

The Indie Bible showed them who to contact when their video was made.

Imagine Your original song, made into a multi camera video, with an exciting story line!

Contact us with your budget, we will work with you!

Contact Us Here for Audio/Video Work