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Fastest website and blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

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Fastest website and blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage.#host #webspace #fastweb #fasthosts #website #server #gethost #hostingspeed #unlimited #blogger #hostgator #wordpress #bloghost #blog | Photo by Michael Dam on Upsplash

Fast website and blog hosting!

When you first decide that you would like to start your own website, or blog, there are many webspace things to consider.

After you have chosen your domain name, the second, and I believe the most important thing you need to do is choose a web host.

What is website hosting?

What is web hosting? That is a common question.

Think of your website host like your computer on the internet that everyone has access to, because it is where all your website data is stored, and served up from.

The whole point of a website, is to get people to go there, and hopefully come back often.

Make them love your website!

To do this you need to make their experience enjoyable. You need great content, but you also need your page to load FAST.

Have you ever been to a website where you wait and wait for the page to load?

Did you ever go back?

That is web hosting, and the difference between a fast web host and a slow one.

It’s also the difference between whether your site succeeds or fails.

The greatest content in the world is only great to the people who can see it.

Our website hosting history

When we first started this website a few years ago, as a necessity in today’s business world, we were looking for cheap hosting.

We bounced around between, hostgator, siteground, bluehost, dreamhost and another one I can’t remember anymore.

What we discovered was that they all had issues. Issues like the site being down every other time we checked it, or loading so slow nobody ever went past our first page. It was serious. We were frustrated.

Then we found A2 fast hosting

I had just been on a music website, like this one, checking out the competition.

But there was no competition, their pages loaded so fast I couldn’t believe it!

I emailed the webmaster to find out who they were using.

A2 hosting they shot back, best in the biz.

We signed up that day and we never looked back. We LOVE A2 fast hosting. Seriously.

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