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Wreak Havoc with New Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

Bluetooth speakers for motorcycles

Resistant & Efficient
The PSM Mini 2Ω Enclosed Speakers are built for excellent sound on your ATV or motorcycle handlebars.

These weatherproof speakers come in durable chromed enclosures, complete with handlebar mounting hardware. These PSM speakers work best with 50 watts of recommended power.

Bluetooth speakers for motorcycles

Wreak Havoc with New Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers!

Being able to hear the soundtrack of your life is priceless!

The PXiBT50.2 Stereo Amplified Controller With Bluetooth is the only solution you need for sound in your ride. No radio necessary. Whether it’s a motorcycle, side-by-sides, ATV or even a classic car, this weatherproof amp delivers the power you need, on or off the road. A crossover with subsonic lets you craft the sound to exacting standards.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

The Bluetooth receiver allows you to stream music right to the amplifier, while the illuminated display allows you to change track, volume and source. This PXA amplifier delivers as much as 50 total watts into two channels.

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