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Gone Rogue Records

Gone Rogue Records
Gone Rogue Records

Hello and welcome to the Audio Visual Studio Gone Rogue Records!

We currently aren’t having bands or solo artists in our physical recording studio for live recording.

We are however, like every other adapting business these days, increasing our virtual presence and are offering the following services to the public as an online recording studio and all around marketing service.

  • Virtual Audio Recording Studio: Keeping with our roots, we will of course be offering our services as a recording studio, if you have a project feel free to contact us and we can make arrangements to sync your project with the right amount of help on our end. Mastering, mixing, added instruments, added vocals, songs/poems put to music as well as radio jingles and theme music.
  • Video Production: From editing home movies for your family, to music videos for your band, to short marketing video content for your website, we’ve got you covered!
  • Social Media Marketing: Having great content is one step, but now what? Who’s gonna see it? We can help, from tips on organic traffic sources like Facebook and Pinterest, to handling larger paid targeted traffic campaigns, we can help you today!
  • Web Hosting and Website Design: Most people don’t already have their band or business online in the form of a unique website for several reasons. They either just never got around to it, or maybe tried to do it themselves and quickly realized it can get complicated pretty quick! Or they think it’s just too expensive! Don’t worry, we can help and make it easy for you. With in house web design, content creation and traffic generation we can get your project off the ground for less than you might imagine! Monthly weekly and daily update packages available to fit your budget!
  • Rogue Blog: Visit our blog, we have music business articles as well as products for sale to help us fund projects!